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Digital Marketing Specialist Professional Certificate & Diploma – Online Course (via Zoom)

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Event Info


Course for Digital Marketing Specialists Overview

Digital Marketing plays an integral part in today’s marketplace and ever-evolving online ecosystem. Replacing ageing traditional marketing, marketing technologies helps marketing professionals today to better understand consumers and how to effectively connect directly with the intended audiences. Consumer engagement is key to today’s businesses along with careful execution via the use of social media platforms, marketing strategies, optimisation processes and analytical frameworks. Gain new market shares, retain current consumers, expand your online reach and get certified with a professional certificate. SkillsFuture credits may be used for enrolment.

This programme to train up aspiring Digital Marketing Specialists is designed to empower our learners with the essential digital marketing skills and real-world industry knowledge of digital marketing that can be immediately implemented in their line of work. Through our team of experienced certified Trainers who are also industry-practitioners, learners can expect to learn about social media platform strategies, analytical tools, eCommerce management, search engines & more!


Our Modules are based on Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG) WSQ Framework. Each of our modules comprises in-depth learning within the subject matter enabling our learners to thoroughly understand & benefit from the course.

Module 1

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (TGS-2020504151) – 2 Days WSQ Level 4 programme

• Introduction to organizational social media plan
• Types of social media platforms, tools and their operations
• Using Social Media for marketing purposes
• Maximizing returns of investments in social media
• Evaluate potential and suitability of social media marketing opportunities
• Discover new methods of utilizing social media
• Facebook LIVE
• Monitor business outcomes through social media marketing

Module 2

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT (TGS-2020504304) – 4 Days WSQ Level 4 programme

  • Introduction & Use of Social Media Strategies
  • Understand & use Key Performance Indicators for Social Media Campaigns
  • Monitor and Review Social Media Campaigns
  • Ability to define social media management strategies
  • Ability to define monitoring metrics
  • Ability to identify opportunities to improve social media campaigns
  • Funnel Management (ClickFunnels)
  • Continuous Improvement on Organisation’s Social Media Campaign

Module 3

E-COMMERCE MANAGEMENT (TGS-2020504406) – 4 Days WSQ Level 4 programme

  • Learn eCommerce strategies and how to apply them to your business.
  • Deep learning into proven systems by Shopify
  • Deep learning into proven systems by Shopee
  • Deep learning into proven systems by Lazada
  • Deep learning into proven systems by Wechat Mini-Programme
  • Learn monitoring of eCommerce systems and understanding the measurement metrics.
  • Analysis of eCommerce numbers and how they affect your profits and losses. 
  • Setting up eCommerce business. 
  • Also available as online module (TGS-2021002292)

Module 4

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (TGS-2021004545) – 3 Days WSQ Level 4 programme

  • The key elements of SEO – what is expected of you to rank.
  • Keyword research and intelligence. How they put your brand in the limelight
  • Producing High Quality & Engaging Content
  • Keyword Placement Strategies.
  • Major algorithm updates. What to avoid to stay out of trouble with the search engines
  • Improving Searchability, Page Experience and Core Web Vitals
  • Off-Page SEO. Best practices to avoid getting penalised 
  • Local SEO and How businesses can leverage it

Module 5

SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (TGS-2021004835) – 3 Days WSQ Level 4 programme

  • Selecting the right Search Engine Marketing Platform (Google Ads vs Bing Ads)
  • The difference between search marketing, SEO, SEM, and pay-per-click marketing?
  • Small SEM Strategies
  • What are Keyword Gems & how to acquire
  • What are the SEM fundamentals
  • How to do SEM targeting
  • Creating, maintaining, optimising SEM Ads
  • Why landing pages convert better than websites. Landing Page Copywriting and Design

Module 6

BUSINESS DATA ANALYTICS (02 Days) (Coming Soon in Q3 2021)

  • Utilising big data, statistical analysis, and data visualisation to implement organisation changes.
  • Learn about Predictive analytics to create statistical models for predicting outcomes and informed decision making.
  • Learn how Data analysis can help companies better understand their customers, evaluate their ad campaigns, personalise content, create content strategies and develop products.

Module 7

CONTENT MANAGEMENT (02 Days) (Coming Soon in Q3 2021)

  • Learn about the 2 popular Content Management System (CMS) i.e., WordPress & Joomla.  
  • CMS Systems is an essential software that helps you to build a website. Learn about templates, and ways to create and manage digital content.
  • Using WYSIWYG editor. WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) program used to create web pages.

Course Highlights 

  • Experienced Trainers & Practitioners 
  • Updated Case Studies & Contents 
  • Engaging & Interactive Learning 
  • Online Assessment via LMS available 
  • Free Refresher Course 
  • Flexible Course Dates Planning 
  • Every Module is a Standalone WSQ Level 4 SOA 

Course Information

  • Course Days : 20 Days (Diploma) or 16 Days (Pro Cert)
  • Course Hours : 161 hours (Diploma) or 129 hours (Pro Cert)
  • Course Delivery : Online (Zoom)

for Individual

  • Course Fees for Diploma : $ 8,650.00 *Before Subsidy up to 90%
  • After Subsidy : $ 915.00 (for 40 yrs old & above)/ Payment via Skillsfuture Credits
  • Course Fees for Pro Cert : $ 7,250.00 *Before Subsidy up to 90%
  • After Subsidy : $ 775.00 (for 40 yrs old & above)/ Payment via Skillsfuture Credits
  • Other Subsidies/Grants : NTUC U-Tap eligible, PSEA Eligible

for Company Sponsored

  • Course Fees for Diploma : $ 8,650.00 *Before Subsidy up to 90%
  • After Subsidy : $ 915.00 – Payment via Cash
  • Course Fees for Pro Cert : $ 7,250.00 *Before Subsidy up to 90%
  • After Subsidy : $ 775.00 – Payment via Cash
  • Other Subsidies/Grants 1 : Absentee Payroll (Up to $7.50/hr)
  • Company can claim : $ 1,207.50 (Diploma) per staff
  • Company can claim : $   967.50 (Pro Cert) per staff
  • Other Subsidies/Grants 2 : SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC)
    • (Up to 90% on all Cash Spend on Training)
  • Company can claim : $   823.50 (Diploma) per staff
  • Company can claim : $   697.50 (Pro Cert) per staff

Course Quick Glance 

  • Minimum attendance requirement is 75% 
  • Flexible Course Dates* 
  • Standalone Modules** 
  • Up to 90% Subsidy*** 
  • Salary Support for SME**** 
  • * Based on Monthly Course Run Schedule
  • ** WSQ Level 4 Statements of Attainment for each Module
  • *** For Eligible Individual Singaporeans & Companies
  • **** Absentee Payroll Funding for Eligible Companies

MCES, Enhanced Training Support for SMEs and other schemes are available for subsidised training.

For more information, please visist us @ HERE

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*Training grant restriction is 80% capped at $15 per hour & include GST
*Mid-Career Enhancement Subsidy (MCES): for Singaporeans age 40 and above